Tuesday, 1 May 2012


As part of my breast cancer treatment I am having 15 shots of radiotherapy to my affected breast. This means a trudge to Glan Clwyd Cancer Centre every day, the only consolation I get from this is the fact that I am walking in the shoes of my heroe, Mike Peters but for all the wrong reasons on both our parts.
The scan doesn't take very long to do, more time is spent on setting up and making sure I am going to be zapped in the right area.

In preparation for the treatment, I attended a "planning" session which is where they measure you up, place tattoos and carry out a CT scan. I was told that during surgery to remove the cancer, the surgeons placed metal clips inside the breast tissue to help the oncologist ensure the right area was zapped. That should be a funny one to explain at the airport!

The first session takes the longest as during this time they have to make sure it is correct and take x-rays.

So I have had 4 sets of radiotherapy now on a machine called Gorwel. Its a brand new department and machine and when I was last there having treatment I remember it being built. Apparently each machine has a life expectancy of 10 years. Gorwel replaced Aled which was sold for 1 penny and re-commissioned for use on animals.

Each visit, I change into a very sexy (not) gown and wait to be called in. I get up onto the bed, confirm my details and put my right arm up into some high supports so that the areas they are zapping are exposed.

I get written on again..........

I am quite taken by the lights and measurements on the machine, I can actually see the ruler lighing my breast.

When they are ready to go ahead they leave the room pressing a button as they go and I am left with a high pitched tone followed by some grinding noises then pow! first zap is over. The machine is repositioned to the other side and the process is repeated.

This time around I have been experiencing feelings of nausia which I didnt last time but then again I had been on alot of chemotherapy the first time.

I am not allowed to use deodorants, perfumed products or remove hair from the area they are targeting. This is because the radio is burning any cancer cells within in the tissue and the skin is damaged in doing so.

I can already see a change in the colouring of the area but only slightly and also my veins are raised. The surgery scars are very red and angry looking and I have already started to get sore.

Only 11 more to go though and then I can get on with my life.


  1. My lovely Sara, your positivity in this is remarkable, I don't know how you do it! You are my inspiration, and have been since that first time I read one of your comments on WW - and I really don't know how you deal with it all! I wish I could pull myself up like you, I am feeling so negative at the moment, but reading this has given me the kick up the butt I needed, and tomorrow is a new day, I will not let this illness win! Thank you my lovely friend for giving me the shove I needed, you are in my thoughts always, and all of us will be pushing with you through this difficult time! xxxx

  2. Here's hoping your skin survives the next 11 without too much damage.All the best


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