Sunday, 6 May 2012

Choose Pet Insurance Carefully

Anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about my animals. I make sure that they are cared for and as part of that, I make sure that they are insured.

Up until December 2011 I was with Direct Line Insurance for both of my dogs, had been with them for years. With pay cuts and costs rising I thought it would be a good idea to shop around and see if I was getting a competative quote.

I ended up changing my insurers to Animal Friends Insurance. Their colourful and friendly adverts pulled me in together with the fact that they donated to charity with each new policy. I felt safe.

In January my dog Wilbur took ill, I honestly thought he was going to die and his illness went on for weeks. I paid hundreds of pounds in vet bills until at last he needed an MRI scan and I knew that I would have to use my insurance company, who on earth can afford £2000 these days? I am going through cancer treatment for goodness sake and am not able to work!!!!

Wilbur was treated and thankfully made a good recovery! Sigh of relief?????? Yes and No!

The insurance company refused my claim on a technicality.

I have insured my animals for years and will continue to do so until they die. I have paid thousands and thousands of pounds in premiums but that was ok because I knew my animals would be safely covered should anything out of the blue happen.

How wrong I have been.

I have since read online reviews on them and wished I had done so earlier, I have learnt my lesson the hard way.

I have appealed against their decision but I dont think I stand a chance.

So I am left with a bill I can't afford to pay if I hadn't had insurance for Wilbur I wouldn't have gone ahead with the operation.

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