Friday, 3 April 2015

Fears and Setbacks

Following the last weeks outcomes when my other implant started to leak albiet only a little I was absolutely scared to death. 

Thankfully I was seeing the surgeon before the Easter break and long weekened.

I actually went to hospital prepared for an operation to remove the implant - how silly am I!!!!

The stitches were taken out of the failed side which didn't hurt until under my arm where the nerves haven't been severed but there were only a couple to take out there and it was only like a needle stab.

The other side had been weeping and there was some slough but the scab was alot smaller. It was cleaned and redressed.

I have the surgeons number so if anything goes wrong over the long weekend I can contact her.

This morning I feel better. Although there has been a small discharge about the size of a 5p my "breast" feels less tight and the tingling has gone.

I think that I just over did things the other day. I scrubbed the bathroom because I was frustrated. I thought I felt better so I did it but in retrospect I did too much too soon.

So up until my next check on Tuesday I am going to try to take things easy. I am going to up the walking and moving but lay off the movements such as scrubbing and brushing etc.

Seeing Cola each evening has lifted my spirits enormously. Just talking to him and lightly brushing him has helped more than any amout of therapy. Big thanks to my dear friend who has been taking me.

My target for after my next consultation is to start driving again - only short journeys but I can build it from there.

I had a thought though yesterday about the infected implant........

2 weeks post op I was screaming in pain that weekend and when I went into the hospital on the Monday my surgeon wasn't available so I went in for a scan and they drained the fluid off the outer edge of the breast under the scan. Having taken 3 or 4 syringes of fluid out of this area the doctor then tried to take fluid from the cleavage area and she failed..... Then 4 days later I have an infection in the cleavage area....... I don't think she changed the needle for each area. Could it be that the infection was in the outer area where the fluid was and she has introduced the infection to the delicate cleavage area where the necrosis was profound??

Who knows.

All I know is that the aftercare leading up to my infection and implant removal has been diabolical and has probably contributed to my complications.

Ah well.... I am not bitter, how can I be?

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  1. hi Sara, I have left a message for you in your other folder in facebook. I think we used to write to each other - have been reading your blog and you are really brave. Juliexx


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