Saturday, 4 April 2015

Faith is my Island

Saturday morning, the second day of Easter and the sun is shining.

Its going to be a beautiful day. The buds are forming on the trees and everything is springing to life.

I love spring because the mornings are so crisp and fresh and you just know the rest of the day is going to be wonderful and filled with dog walking and horses.

Seven weeks ago I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be sitting here on such a day taking antibiotics and pain killers.

If I never see Chester Hospital again it will still be a day too soon. Take my care back into Wales!

Then there is the question. Why could I not have my surgery in Wales?

The nearest plastic surgery unit in Wales is in Cardiff the other side of the country so why isn't provision made in the north?

All of the operations and treatments I have had at Wrexham Shooting Star and not one complication - NOT ONE

The cake I had made for the staff at Shooting Star in gratitude for all that they did for me with the name of the cancer charity I support
So I am sitting here today worrying about what the day will bring.

At this moment in time I want to "turn around and walk away and live to fight another day".

As a woman in my 40s I just wonder what more can cancer take from me? What more horrid scars can it leave on my body not just the visible ones but the ones nobody can see or even want to know about.

A very brave woman click here to read her story.

Tensions are running high in our home as J has become my nurse and carer. No hospital after care, no district nurse visits, no GP calls nothing! Major surgery - chucked out of hospital after a day and a half with drains attached and a load of injections to shove in my tummy.

I think I am getting a bit angry now.

I just want to get today out of the way so that I know what I am dealing with and when I can get my life on course again. I have a Mike Peters gig to get to, a horse to care for and dogs to walk for goodness sake, cancer cannot get in the way again!

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