Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Friends come in various forms and for me, animals are my favourite types of friends. They don't judge you, they don't care what you look like, they love you for who and what you are. I find the greatest peace with my animals.

Pickles pictured above is my little girl! She is independent, bossy and loving and she is devoted to me. I adore her and her quirky little ways that make her my special friend.

Wilbur is a goofy kind of friend! He is so silly but loving in a different way to Pickles. She is always on the hunt for food or cups of tea whereas all he wants is YOU. At night, he snuggles himself so tightly and squirms until he is virtually on your knee.

Other friends are special in a way I can't describe. Always there through good times and bad. Not many words are needed with this sort of friend, silence is as acceptable as noise. These friends are solid like the rocks you need in your life. They keep you afloat and keep you safe.

Some friends you just know are going to be with you for life and others maybe just for a weekend. That doesn't matter though because friendship is unique and friendship does not require the confines of time.

Social networking has meant that friends from all over the country, indeed, all over the world can meet and share common ground. In some instances we actually get to meet up and share good times.

The social network is newly established and sadly as the likes of Face Book are the property of USA, the UK laws have no powers. I have personally made many friends through the social networking sites, and I thoroughly enjoy chatting with them on a regular basis. Now and again, Face book puts us in touch with people we would not normally socialise with and this creates its own set of problems.
You may go on journeys with some friends and then not speak for months and months. This doesn't mean that your friendship is lesser because speaking from my own personal point of view, I might not talk to certain friends all of the time but they are rarely far from my thoughts.

Good times and bad, special friends weather those storms with you and you sail onto placid waters strong in the knowledge that if that storm comes again you will get through it together.
Some friends like Albert the rabbit are grumpy and moan allot, That doesn't matter because they bring their own treasures and no matter what, they love you whatever.
This particular friend, Cola is more than that to me. He is my confident, my best friend, my physiotherapist, my fitness coach - he is my life!
Some friends are with us for a lifetime, others a moment, some a short time. Each friendship brings something into your life to help create the person you are yet to become. They might bring with them bad experiences or good but there is no difference because each type makes you stronger and more whole.

Many friends creep into your heart and when their lives are cruelly cut short they leave a gaping wound.

Friends...... they are the souls who share our life's journey. No matter where they go or what happens to them or us, they remain with us...... some in our memories and others firmly planted in our hearts.


  1. Great post Sara as an animal lover I totally get you .. my golden boy adores me, hardly ever lets me out of his sight. I too have been burned by friends both past and present some I think I will never speak to again.. but, life is funny and things change .. you change, mature .. outlook changes and above all .. We are all human and capable of hurting the nicest people sometimes intentionally as we are so greedy or envious of what they have or just unintentionally by not giving them the attention the deserve or need...Either way if friends are worth it .. all seems to work out in the end, and most of the time they are closer than family xx

  2. Ps lovely photo of you and Mick xx

  3. Whenever you're sad,
    or feeling blue,
    Just call on me.
    I'll be here for you.

    Whenever you're happy,
    or feeling sad,
    Just call on me.
    You'll be glad that you had.

    'Cause I'm gonna be there
    with the biggest hug.
    I'm going to be there
    with all that is good.

    So when you're lonely
    or just plain blue,
    Just think of me,
    or this poem,
    And I'll come to you.

    Always there for you Sara Diana, you are a very special lady!!! love you lots Sharon xxx


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