Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rioting Britain 2011

Words fail me! I never, ever believed that I would witness something like this in my country! 

This is total anarchy like I have never seen in my life before and its spreading throughout the country.

I am really worried.

I am also thoroughly disgusted at the mentality of the rioters. One teenage girl was saying "that will show the rich ones with businesses" excuse me, but I ran my own business before I was ill and I am not rich just a hard working, honest and respectable British citizen.

I was especially touched by the furniture shop which has been going for 140 years, its survived two great wars and now its gone in 45 minutes it was burned to the ground.

People are in tears and in shock.

They are drafting more police into London but where does that leave the rest of the country?

I wonder if the Prime Minister is regretting cutting all of those police jobs now? I wonder if he will do a U turn on cutting police pay and conditions?

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  1. I`am utterly disgusted Sara -this has never been about the guy that was shot and killed- that was just a convenient excuse for brainless yobs to loot and damage property-Scum- I find it frightening to watch. My heart goes out to those poor people who have lost their homes and business`s.


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