Friday, 12 August 2011

Killing for Company

 Anyone who knows me will know just how passionate I am about animals and rock music!

My devotion to The Alarm has spanned almost 30 years.

I first heard their album on my boyfriends turn table and I thought "yeah, yeah, whatever" but shortly after that he took me to see them play in Liverpool and what I saw that night roused a passion in me that other music had or has never done. It was the raw energy on stage, the conviction, the belief in what they were performing. That was it, an Alarm fan was born and an Alarm fan I will die.

Then the Alarm introduced me to Killing for Company and for the first time in almost 30 years my passion was re-ignited by this new band with the same energy, the same magical chemistry and the most amazing vocals from Greg Jones.

My passion for their music has taken me on a couple of brilliant road trips, and has forged friendships even stronger. I have shared many a laugh with Greg on facebook and some great banter has been enjoyed by many. We did become a family and as Greg says on the photo, we did watch out for one another.
The death of Stuart Cable was hard for the band to cope with, his untimely death threw the band into a quandry but with the love and support of their fans/family they continued and the fan base grew.
So as you can imagine, when rumours started to fly around this morning I felt physically sick. Killing for Company - dis-banding? Never!
 However at lunch time today my worst fears were confirmed, the band was finished.
The band has brought me alot of personal happiness, so many giggles and laughs and the music has spoken to my soul. 

I have been to see many live bands perform in my life..... The Ramones, Big Country, The Damned, Stranglers, The Fall, Wedding Present, Pogues, Men They Couldnt Hang, Inspiral Carpets, The Pigeon Detectives, Edwyn Collins, Depeche Mode, Spear of Destiny plus many more... and yet none of them can hold a torch to Killing for Company.
Killing for Company has brought me back into gigging. At a time when depression, fertility issues, autism, cancer etc got in the way of my life.... they brought it all back for me.
I am so lucky to have a signed album by Stuart and I am amazed it hasnt worn out yet as I have played it so much and even more lucky to have had the privelage of getting to know the band members. They are so kind and caring, always quick to sign something, say hello or have a photo taken with them.
Killing for Company united our family and the fun impish humour of the band made it possible to dabble in a bit of video filming. The band could have gone premadonna on us but they didnt they took the video in the spirit it was intended and we all laughed together.

In the mourning of Killing for Company I take comfort in the history of The Alarm, Mike Peters has resurrected the music so many times.... The Toilets, The Alarm, Mike Peters and the Poets of Justice, The Poets, Coloursound, Dead Men Walking, Mike Peters and The Alarm (new line up)..... I remember the sadness I felt when I found out the Alarm were over, that empty, bereft feeling..... I needed have worried because he is still around after all this time getting bigger and better.

So although I feel immensely sad at the end of the era that was Killing for Company I am extremely proud of what they have achieved and so very grateful for having had them in my life. What is the old saying? "Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? pretty apt I would say!

Rest in Peace Killing for Company x SDW x


  1. Thars a wonderful blog and great tribute to our beloved Killing for Company Sara.. Its so sad that the band are no more, Theyve been amazing and brought light into many hearts, certainly mine too, I thank them for the whole KfC aura they gave out and brought people together to make great friends and hence evolved our KfC 'family' Ive followed them since 2006, when I first saw them on Myspace, Greg would message back and forth,, I suggested To him, that they try A gig at the Whammy Bar, They did,, and before the gig in 2007, Greg said to me, "we'll rock your sox off" lol, and they did, and have ever since!! i believe its not the end, just
    the end of an era, and new things to come ... One of the best things to come from KfC is that I met you Sara, and have you as a friend xx

  2. Sara this is a lovely post.. I am new to their music I was hoping to go to the Manchester gig ... so I am really disappointed that I never actually got to see them play live.

    I ma sure that they will all move on to other things, too much talent not to .. but its a tough industry.. like everything at the moment xx


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