Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japan the Devastation

Dedicated to my FB friend Yuko Nakamura who is living through this and to other ex colleagues and friends who will be affected by this disaster.

The photographs are the property of Yuko and with her permission, I am using them in my blog to illustrate how this earthquake is affecting the lives of "normal" people like you and me. Its so easy in this age of hi tech that we live in, to watch devastation take place and be de-sensitised to it. Through Yukos pictures I want to show you how it really is.

Dai - a fellow survivor of the earthquake
Haruko another survivor
Yuko keeps birds and it was touching to see her photos of Dai and Haruko as fellow survivors, a relief as well because lets not forget that not only do we suffer at the fate of natural disasters such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan but the animals suffer too.

The newspapers reported the disaster and when we look at pictures such as this, its easy to be shocked but not actually FEEL the impact of what has happened.

People stranded, the transport systems which Japan rely upon are brought to a standstill.

Yuko has water, she has to get it from downstairs but at least she has access to fresh water, she considers herself lucky.

This photo really aroused me, before the earthquake, it was a plant pot. The impact of the earthquake is such that this looks as though it has been smashed with a hammer.

Here is an extract from Yukos note on FB......

I'm OK, managed to get some pure water though not enough. I still have no water supply in my area and have another problem now. It's highly likely that the electricity supply will be cut off in a couple of hours' time. If I can't come on Fb for a while, please don't worry, I won't be able to use my PC then. My relatives in the north are still missing and I've been desparately looking for them. Sorry that I'm running out of time as I have to get the latest information regarding the electricity and water supply, as well as the security and where-about of my uncles and aunts who live in Miyagi Prefecture.

PS: The damage in the north was much worse than expected. The number of the dead will be over 1000, the media keeps reporting. My area had a bit of damage but seems to be OK."

This picture of Yuko's sky really touched my heart the most, out of all of the pictures she shared. Why? because her words are few, the picture is simple, it could be anywhere in the world but to me it says "thank you for my life, I am glad that I survived"

Let all our thoughts and prayers be with those in Japan right now.



  1. When you say we can look at a photograph and feel devastated but it doesn't touch us (I'm paraphrasing) -- you are so right. The impact is there of course but the actual reality is so far from us. Hearing words from someone who is living it paints a much more heart wrenching picture. Prayers to your friend Yuko and everyone else who has survived this disaster of nature. A reminder to us all that nature is to be has a much uglier side than we often like to think about.

  2. Thoughts and prayers to your friend Yuko and the people of Japan.

  3. It is so horrific and scary.. my husband was thinking of going out there to buy Koi next month I am so glad that he changed his mind xx


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