Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Killing for Company - Bolton March 2011

Greg Jones singer for Killing for Company

Killing for Company are a rock band from South Wales. The lead singer, Greg Jones has the most amazing vocals ever and their debut album "Lost Art of Deception" which has not been officially released yet, in my opinion is the BEST album of the year.

The band have a strong personal relationship with each other and this comes through on stage to make an electric performance. They always have time for a smile or a wink and thoroughly enjoy performing.

Sound Check at the Railway, Bolton
Killing for Company Merch
Die So Fluid - the Band Killing for Company were supporting
the lads in action!
The most amazing thing about the band is that they are the most down to earth, polite and considerate bunch of guys. This has got them a loyal following which is growing and growing in numbers. I have made some brilliant friends through the Dukes Army and its awesome to be able to meet up with them at gigs.

The last time I saw the band play was at the Alarms Gathering in Pontins but the sound system was appalling. Credit to them though, despite the bad sound system they still generated alot of interest!

The Railway venue was a small intimate place, must have been the smallest gig venue I have been to in my life. Memories of the Gathering still fresh in our minds, we were sure that the sound system would fail but no worries there, it was amazing.

The lads sang their hearts out and performed with a real passion. No microphone chewing for Greg today although I was quite concerned at one point when he started to wrap the cable around his head.... I felt sure I was going to have to leap on stage to cut the wire off and to give mouth to mouth!!!

Sadly, only six songs but its all about quality and not quantity.

Brilliant band - cannot wait to see them in Birmingham on 3rd May for their first headline date.


  1. What a shame you missed out on the mouth to mouth ! duh ! You are right this band is brilliant- not long to wait !

  2. Great post and photo's Sara
    I am glad you had a great time xx


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