Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Pickles and Wilbur
Pickles is such a worry! She recently had an operation to remove a lump from her chest. It was only a small lump and luckily, the result of the biopsy showed that it was not cancer just a fatty lump.

The other day I found that the glands under her neck were swollen. This was the first sign of lymphoma for my first dog, my beloved Bobbi. You can imagine how worried I was!
I took her to see our vet this morning and he confirmed that the glands are raised but is 99% certain that it is nothing more than a minor infection. If the glands are still up after a week, I must take her back and he will take a sample for investigation.

She is such a stressy dog and a worrier.... had she been more chilled and relaxed Owen would have taken a sample then and there but we are just getting signs of improvement when she visits the vets he doesn't want to upset her especially if its for nothing.
She is such a lovely little dog with bags of personality. As I type, the cheeky monkey is cleaning her beard on my sofa! Why do you think we opted for a leather sofa!!
 We had a lovely walk in the woods today though. It was nippy but you could definately tell that spring was in the air. Wilbur is such an action dog, always on the alert as you can tell by his picture above.

We were late getting to Cola tonight and when we got there, he was the last one to come it. Disaster! He was sweating all over and so excitable he even barged the electric fence and got a shock for his troubles.

I was really worried, we don't have a sweat rug so we improvised and used his fly sheet instead. Jason is taking Joe to his brass band practice so he is going to stop off on the way to remove it and make sure he is fine.


  1. Try not to worry Sara -I`am sure Pickles will be fine , Our dog Jess is forever back and forth to the vets ! all with minor ailments ! she costs me a fortune -but so worth it !

  2. Sara, Had to come check out your blog when I saw the post title! My dogs are like four-legged therapists at times. Yours are adorable!

  3. You have two lovely dogs Sara I do hope that she is ok.. I know how it feels to love your dogs so much xx

  4. Your dogs are adorable, great pictures!



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