Sunday, 24 April 2011

My Life

I recently had an appointment with a locum doctor at our surgery. I had to give her a quick potted history of my life and the response was thought provoking for me. She basically said "wow, I am amazed how good you look considering what you have been through..."

This prompted me to think about my life and the things that have happened to me and thought that maybe I should use my blog to tell my story thus helping me to come to terms with things and accept myself for the person I am today.

The one problem I have is..... how honest should I be????

This is one part of the story I am struggling with because by being honest I may hurt feelings and I don't want to do that.... however.... I don't want to lie either or gloss over things which have had a major impact on me.

Maybe I shall ponder a while longer........

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  1. Good question Sara, one I think we ask ourselves on a regular basis. I've found that I'm completely honest. I don't "gloss over" but I don't give every little detail either. I am just me, I don't change up what I'm saying because of the audience, but I have found the balance of honesty and discretion and it works for me. Cancer is hell. But there is a heaven about it as well. I don't downplay the ugly aspect of it but I don't make it sound like it was "no big deal". It was a HUGE deal and I think the most important thing we who have walked this path can do is to share the journey for all that it was and all that it gave us so that others can benefit by knowing -- life throws us some pretty heavy crap -- and it's how we choose to deal with it that really matters. You'll always follow your heart...I know that!! xo


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