Saturday, 25 September 2010

Up on the Hill

After many weeks of being unable to communicate with our best friends up on the hill, it is with great joy that I can confirm that not only do they have telephonic access but internet too!

We went up there today and boy was it cold! You can take the temperature here and knock more than a few degrees off it! Luckily I did go prepared with my fleece but forgot my boots. Thank you Eleri for letting my borrow your pom pom boots again!

It was so nice to see my friends again. I enjoyed long reigning Robbie with Llinos up the hill even though it nearly killed me! Those hills are steep. I cant believe that I am fit but get puffed when I walk up that hill with her!

It makes the world of difference having good friends in our lives. I feel as though in this last year I have had a coming together of friends. I have met people who I feel I have known all of my life. Really weird to say this but I feel like this is "my time".
So Llinos and Alvin thank you so much for your company today. Relaxed and informal as always. Sorry about the cake!

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