Thursday, 9 September 2010

I am near the end of my treatment for breast cancer now. Only two more infusions of herceptin to go and then hopefully I will be able to wear my wedding ring and the weight loss will become easier to achieve.

I had a bone scan a week ago and no news so far so that is good. I think that my aches and stiffness are nothing more than hormonal reactions to the drugs I have been taken. My poor body has been through so much.

My hands still hurt but at least I know that eventually they will get better as my veins heal. I still have digestive problems for which I take medication and my shoulder hurts if I over do things.

Oooh, this all sounds so negative but it isnt, really it isnt!

I am running 2 miles now and three times a week as part of my training for my first 10K race, the Tatton Yule Yomp on 12th December. I am raising money for Love Hope Strength Foundation, a global cancer charity.

I ride my pony and cycle to the livery yard. I muck out, groom and poo pick - all exercise related activities and with each passing week I can feel my body getting stronger and back to how I used to be before cancer.

I read today that the government are cutting back their funding for research. At a time when cancer seems to be hitting epidemic preportions, I think that its sad that they are cutting back on research. I have benefited from research with the sentinal node biopsy and herceptin, relatively new drugs and procedures.

My hair is growing back thick and strong and I look forward to the day when it hits my shoulders once again.

I am a survivor and cancer is in my past.

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