Friday, 10 September 2010

Cola Has to Lose Weight

The vet visited on Wednesday to administer Cola's vaccinations and to check and rasp his teeth. He was fine with the injection and the rasping to be honest with you. The vet put a special bridle on him which opens his mouth and keeps it open, he can then have a good feel and check that there are no ulcers or sharp teeth. Cola's teeth were in good condition and only a bit of rasping was needed.

However, the vet has advised me that Cola does need to lose weight. He is a "good doer" so can put weight on with thin air. I have decided to bring him in at night now so that his grazing is restricted and rinse his hay to remove the dust and sugars.

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  1. I like the vet's comment about Cola being a 'good doer' Must be why I had trouble maintaining a healthy weight.
    Stay well.


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