Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fast Start!

Cola for Company


What a busy start to the day!

First off was a whistle stop visit to Cola before 7am. His stable was quite wet so I ended up removing the shavings and swilling down his rubber matting. Mental note to self: must remember to take the discinfectant to the yard with me...... He was pleased to see me this early, I think he has clicked that if I am that early he doesn't get ridden just put straight out to grass.

Once that mission was complete it was off to the hospital with Harry for his eye test. He was being tested for Irlen Syndrome, an eye disfunction which can go hand in hand with dyslexia. Sadly, the test was kind of inconclusive because it had to be done using numbers rather than words due to Harry's poor reading standard. Result: he took away a magenta over lay with him for school and at home and they will re-assess him in 3 months time.
I am now up to date with my paperwork for the boys! Its lucky I have the time and capacity to do these things! I have had to follow up Harry's ADHD assessment in writing..... why do all of these tests take so long? I am also waiting for input from the Education Psychologist with the possibility of investigating dyslexia.

Anyway, I am still suffering the effects of Chemo and when I do too much mental work which I have over the last two days, I suffer with "chemo brain" which is what has hit me this afternoon. I have the luxury of being able to rest when these episodes hit me and that is what I have done today.

Maybe tomorrow I will take some more shots of Killing for Company's infamous "stickers" - where will the next one appear?????

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