Wednesday, 23 December 2015

100 Days of Happy - Day 2

Routine visit to the Shooting Star unit today to see my oncologist. All went well, examinations ok. Being sent for routine bloods and refered to a therapist just to check if I am still sane!! Its always good to get these checks done and dusted so that I can enjoy the next year!

The oncologist was such a gentleman, makes such a huge difference when you are treated with kindness and respect.

Anyone who knows Wrexham Hospital knows how difficult it is to park, as I arrived I prayed to the Angels for a space and I got one straight away and in a great location. Thank you Angels.

While on my way into the hospital I saw an old friend from way back when. Put a spring in my step and a smile of my face. 

I enjoyed a nice cuppa tea in the cafe as I watched people go about their business... I do enjoy people watching.

Put a chilli shepherds pie to cook for tea and Jason went out for some tiger bread and cellophane wrapping paper so that I can finish off the rest of my home made packaging.

Cola was in fine fettle and was quite happy to come into his warm stable today.

A really nice and happy day with lots of things to celebrate.

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