Monday, 7 July 2014

Garden Fences and Super Husbands

I am always in awe of my husband, no matter what he turns his hand to he does an excellent job and is a thorough perfectionist.

Jason can turn his hand to anything, here he is showing our Fell pony Cola

We have lived in our home for 18 years and the fences have been up for 20. They were impractical things really with the top foot of fence comprising of trellising. It looked nice initially but as the fence began to age and weather the trellising disintegrated along with alot of the fence.

He can play guitar & violin

The fence was propped up, tied up and we were constantly amazed at how it continued to stay upright, even after the worst storms. The thought of replacing the fencing was daunting, not only the cost but the actual work involved in fitting it. Paying for somebody to come in and do it was a nice idea but not something we could afford. Luckily, its a shared boundary so our neighbours paid half.

Patient with the children

I was worried about the dogs escaping and how the whole project would be managed but my husband had a plan and over the course of three weekends he bit by bit took out fencing and poles and replaced them. Luck was on our side because only two posts had to be removed and just taking them out took him an afternoon on each one!!!

Finally the fence was finished and now I can't believe how we survived so long with the old one!!

The old fence panels are waiting to be chopped up for use on our chiminea.

So really this post is just to say how proud of my husband I am and a huge thank you for doing this and not giving up even when the going got tough.

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  1. I love these love-filled posts :) Sounds like he did an excellent job.


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