Saturday, 11 August 2012

Wear Your Helmet!

Last week I was out with friends. 

We had a lovely meal and much wine was drunk with fantastic company.

All was well until the time came to depart.

I stepped out of the pub and my foot slipped on something, all I remember was my foot going up in the air and me flying backwards.

The next thing I remember is my name being shouted "Sara! Sara! Sara!" and an ice pack being applied to the back of my head.

I couldn't see, I had tunnel vision and I could hear lots of things being said.....





I just wanted to go home.

As it happened I had bad concussion and it was only when my husband realised I had been knocked out cold he frog marched me to hospital fuming that the hotel had not called an ambulance at the time.

The realisation hit me that I could have died.


With that and finding out that a friend had two friends hurt in cycling accidents and the fact that I have had two reports of my son causing emergency stops in the village has made me insist that he wears his helmet.

Apparently I have ruined his life.

Apparently he will be made fun of.

Apparently he won't be cool wearing a helmet.

I am his mum.

I don't care about cool but I do care about him being made fun of.

It took too long for him to come into my life.

I have spent the last 13 (almost 14) years raising him thats alot of sleepless nights and worrying to lose him just because of not wearing a helmet!

His life is precious to me.

I wish that wearing helmets on bikes was compulsory.

I wish that wearing helmets on bikes wasn't perceived as "uncool"


  1. The old bike helmet argument...which goes on in households around the world (where it isn't mandatory). When my boys were younger they'd say the same thing, "not cool", "no one else does"...but you're so right Sara. We're the mums and we DO know best. It's mandatory to wear them here now though you'll still see people young and old without them and I shake my head. Helmets are mandatory too for motorcycles and yet we've traveled places in the US and see people without them and again, shake our heads. You get one head. And they aren't invincible. Have you seen the ads where they show a smashed watermelon? To show what a head looks like when it's had an accident without a helmet? Maybe dropping one of those from a height in front of your son might make an impact. But I admit, I never went to those lengths. The thing is most bike helmets are being made these days so that they DO look cool...and remind him that someone always has to start a trend first...and it's very kind of cool to BE a trendsetter. ♥

  2. oh sara, I had no idea this had happened to you, .. I hope youre okay now hunny, very scary, it could have been so much worse, liike you say...
    so yes, make sure your young one wears his helmet even if you have to super glue it to his head..
    btw maybe you should wear one next time you go out too? heehee, only joking luvly xxxx

  3. It is required here in the US. I think it's a great idea. It's not "uncool" here. You will be glad you insisted that your son wear a helmet if her ever has an accident.
    But... I don't think a helmet is required for pub hopping. Wow! You really took a fall.
    I'm glad you're OK. That looks like it hurts.
    Take care of yourself and, from now on, don't drink and walk at the same time. LOL!

  4. I wish it was mandatory to wear helmets on bikes in the UK and I am going to try and find out some more about it to see if I can push it forward.

    1. If anyone can work to make this is YOU!!! ♥


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