Saturday, 7 July 2012

Erosion of our Village

When I moved to Rossett 17 years ago I moved to a quiet part of the village which was vibrant with wildlife, tractors, country smells and sounds.

In that short time my home has changed beyond belief. I don't see Robins in my garden anymore, or Song Thrushes, White Collared Doves or even Wood pigeons.... I don't even know if the resident hedgehog is still here and I no longer hear the call of the vixen to her fox cubs during the night.

Ancient woodland has been chopped down, gardens have been built on and old land mark buildings knocked down.

Orchard Cottage which was beautiful and full of wildlife situated next to the local woods and lake was replaced with about 12 "luxury" homes.

The local High School tennis courts were ear marked to be replaced with luxury homes but I set up a petition  which helped our councillor to challenge the plans and over turn them. The tennis courts are now due to be refurbished in order to be used by the school and the community.

I used to be able to walk and cycle up Gamford Lane but this has become a rat race with commuters using it as a short cut to Chester.

My favourite Black Thorn tree was cut down so that the owners of the house could have a better view of the golf course. That tree supplied many a Sloe berry for the Sloe Gin I made for Christmas presents.

Hedgerows have been pulled up and replaced with Beech trees, Laurels or Conifers. Gone with them are the berries which fed the birds and the Blackberries which I used to make my jam.

I am so sad by the greed of the world we live in.

They are intent on ruining villages and rural locations, destroying villages and turning them into "base camps" for the city chaps who want to benefit from the "rural" location and the cheaper taxes of Wales but don't wish to be part of our community or our culture.

Most of all I am sad about the depletion of wild life which was one of the most wonderful things about living here.

When will the erosion stop?


  1. Such a shame.. I know when we had just finished renovating here.. the farmer opposite put in for planning for several affordable housing projects.. I nearly died.. as that is the whole reason we chose to live here otherwise I would move nearer Ruthin or Chester. There isn't even a bus route here except one a day nearest shop or pub five miles.. no school.. so if you can't afford to drive what would you do?? Luckily it was refused.. I really feel for you xx

  2. "they" call is is really destruction of something that was never in need of improvement. Publish this Sara...newspapers, anywhere you can. It's important and your words and the photographs speak volumes.

  3. I don't think any of this is going to stop until the horror goes beyond the limits of what Mother Nature can take, and then she will revolt in some horrible way. You are seeing some of the signs.
    Some liberals don't understand the word "STOP". Money is god and this world is something to be manipulated for the benefit of greed.
    We are an endangered species too, but no one seems to care.

  4. The way it was...That's the kind of place we'd love to move to but such places are few and far between, how sad that 'we'are taking over in such a terrible way.

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