Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down...

Or does it???

Whenever I hear that dreaded word CANCER

Whenever I hear CHEMOTHERAPY

Dread and saddness grip my heart.

It sounds simple really doesn't it?

You have will have will lose your hair....


Straightforward facts..................


Pictures speak a 1000 words 

So when I hear of somebody facing chemo here is what goes through my mind................

Hair loss

Chemicals in your body making you feel ill and strange


Canulas and the attempts to get them in

Fear - Fear - Fear

Mushed up brain - chemo brain - unable to put words into sentences

Forgetting words and names

Missing part of your life


Big big big gaps

Body weakness

Fall in fitness

Aches in bones

Fear - Fear - Fear


So tired you can't listen to music or even talk


Fat fingers

Slow recovery

Hardened veins

Pain constant pain

Feeling as though you have aged 40 years over night

Fear - Fear - Fear

Heart burn

Loss of Control

Tablets - lots and lots and lots of tablets

Emotional lows

Grief and loss


Fear - Fear -Fear


  1. Speechless... I have also had the core biopsy test a couple of times so I recognise that photo.. as for the rest hun .. You are a real life hero.. xx

  2. OK, my dear, it's all this and more. It stinks. The whole thing stinks... but there will be an end to it.
    Now you must write a list of reasons for the bright light at the end of the tunnel...reasons for living. That bright light is still there and you need to focus on something positive.

    Actually, this is a good way to get the anger out. Writing out the scary, angry, horrible part of cancer treatments is how you deal with some of it. Just try, please, to see the end of it. It will happen.
    And... I think that the baldness is attractive and it shows bravery. Tell everyone that.
    Take care.

  3. Your experience with chemotherapy was different from mine...I won't say it was a breeze because it wasn't -- but I was blessed with each treatment going as planned, no problems with getting the needles in and very little stomach upset. Was it a walk in the park? No. It was like climbing a hill that seemed to get bigger each time and yet I soon knew I would be at the top. I experience no fear either, however, when you have had a less than pleasant experience with it, fear is a natural reaction when you hear the word chemotherapy and I would say Sara, that most people have had experiences like you did. As I said, I was blessed and I am well aware of that and yet I still would never take it lightly...I know it for what it is. Poison. You never, ever take that lightly.

    And because of the experience you had I am so pleased for you that it wasn't necessary when cancer made an encore in your life. It was enough to have to stare that beast in the face again. And you did it brilliantly! ♥


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