Thursday, 24 February 2011

February Already!

So much has happened since my last post so where do I start?

Firstly, I got my 2 year clear from the surgeons, my mammogram was all good which is such a relief. Having the mammo isn't very pleasant on my scarred breast because of the scar tissue which can be painful at times. Talking of painful breasts though, I took the boys swimming on Monday and got kicked directly in the scar so its been sore all week. I am seeing the oncologist in March so I will discuss this injury with him, I do worry about such things, what they might start etc.

At the end of January we were at Pontins in Prestatyn for the Gathering. Oh what a fantastic weekend that was I can tell you! Rock and Roll and good friends, the picture above was taken on the first night and is just a fantastic illustration of the weekend. Killing for Company were totally amazing as always and such a lovely bunch of lads and Mike Peters.....well...... what an awesome man he is. I presented the last cheque to him for Love Hope Strength Foundation, I raised almost £800 with my run in December.

Joe is doing well on his keyboard, I am amazed at how he can pick up tunes so easily and then teach himself to play them. He has just purchased his first harmonica, the one he taught himself to play on was a kiddies one from a toy shop but this one is a Hohner. It came this morning and he has already taught himself to play Star Wars.

Pickles had a small operation a couple of weeks ago to remove a lump from her chest. It turned out to be a fatty tissue and she is fine. Strangely enough her lump was in the same place as my lump was!!!

My hair is almost grown into a bob which I am really pleased about. I can't wait until I can actually tie it up and fiddle with it. You never appreciate things until they are gone and losing my hair was one of the worst parts of cancer treatment.

So tonight I am having a Virgin Vie party as a favour to a friend who has just started out with this venture. It is just and excuse for a get together and a giggle. I have been busy cleaning the house but its hard with 2 kids and 2 mucky pups in tow.

I will try to keep up to date with my blogging from now on.....


  1. Well done Sara ! thats a wonderful amount of money you raised ! The gathering was great fun-I really enjoyed it too ! Mike is a great guy.

  2. Thrilled for you, Mike is so inspiring .. our friend was so poorly from Lymphoma he has a massive tumour on his heart that fills his chest cavity. My husband took him out for pint with Mike and it really helped him, made him more positive..etc etc..I think it helps when you realise that you are not alone. My friend has since had a stem cell transplant and although the tumour is still there he is doing well and is in remission.
    Well done on your fund raising
    The Gathering is brilliant I love it xx


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