Monday, 3 January 2011

Not a Good Run

I was all prepared for my run today. Made sure I had drunk plenty of fluids the day before (no not alcoholic) and got my kit ready for me to step right into.

With all best laid plans, all didn't go too well. I got up later than planned with a slight headache, I had arranged to collect my childrens friends for a play date at a certain time (I don't run well when under timetable pressure) and I made the error of caving into my darling dogs Wilburs plees to come with me......

Started off badly with Wilbur yapping so loudly with excitement (he really has an annoying high pitched bark for a male dog) then we seemed to bump into everyone out taking their dogs for a morning walk followed by Jo riding her horse Sunny from our yard, oh, plus a few sleeping cows in the hedgerow.

Half way into the run I decided to cut my losses and cut it short so instead of the planned 2 mile run I did 1 1/2.

Mind you.... I am not going to beat myself up about it, I will learn from my mistakes for the next time. At least I did it, I made the first step and got out there.

I have decided to do exactly the same run again tomorrow (minus Wilbur) and crank myself up slowly over the next few weeks.

I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Thursday so I am hoping he will help me lose my weight and improve my running performance.

Ooh I de-frosted some Celeriac and Apple Soup today which I made before Christmas. Delicious is not the word, a weight watchers recipe and definately worth a try.


  1. Well Sara, I quess you don't remember me. I still have your Old blog on my side bar. No one ever puts me on their side bar. Well anyway glad you are still Cancer free, me too. Happy New Year


  2. You really do inspire me Sara, I have had a really bad day today, hands have not worked properly since I awoke this morning, and I am sitting here typing and grimacing with pain! I have a Cura Heat wrap on my right hand, which is my writing hand, because the pain has been so bad! But when I read your blog it inspires me to work through all this, and to wake tomorrow and know that it is a new day, and to try my best! I hope you too will continue to inspire others the way you have me! Sharon xxx

  3. Hi Sara! I know what you mean about trying to run with dogs...frustrating. I have given up calling it a "run" or even a "jog" but have started calling it a "wog."
    You should re-visit Friday Shoot-Outs. This week it is the letter "F" and you could take a picture of Wilbur..."f is for frustrated with my funny dog..."
    Just checking in to make sure you are doing well, and it seems like you are.


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