Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things I Don't Miss....

It has been 6 weeks since I had my last dose of herceptin and one thing I have noticed is that my aches are getting better. That fact got me thinking to my other pesky side effects of cancer treatment and I realised that I no longer suffer from chemo chills, my hand grip is coming back and I am feeling fitter than ever.

I am due to run my first 10K in a couple of weeks time and so far I have raised £455 for The Love Hope Strength Cancer Foundation! I am nervous and excited because once I cross that finish line, I know for a fact that I have beaten cancer.

The other side effects aren't pleasant such as the hot flushes but I read an article which said that if you had these when taking tamoxifen the cancer is less likely to return - bring em on then, thats what I say!

I am starting to think about returning to work as a mobile dog groomer. However, if and when I do return, big changes will have to be made......

I need a smaller and lighter grooming table and a smaller grooming box in which I carry only what I need for the appointment. I will also keep my appointments to one particular day, I thought of a Tuesday because Joe does a ju-jitsu class on that day and I can book Harry into after school club and take my last booking at 3pm.

When I was last running as Clippers and Claws I was a bit of a softy, taking on clients and exhausting myself in the process. This time around I must be tougher, more assertive. Stick to the designated day and time I have decided upon and NO night work!

I will let you know how I get on!

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