Sunday, 28 November 2010

Farndon & District Junior Brass Band

My eldest son, Joseff plays in Farndon & District Junior Brass Band. A band which has only been in existance since the summer and some of the band members were completely new to playing instruments. Yesterday they played at Bellis's Country Market, it was their first "outside" concert so alot of the band members were quite nervous. The adult band was playing first then during their break, the children took over in their newly purchased uniforms.

Joe was worried that he hadn't practiced enough as he takes his music quite seriously but he needn't have worried because I was so very proud of him playing his cornet.

Santa was arriving at 6pm which is why his reindeer are there waiting for him. The next concert is an evening one to a closed audience to which we need to purchase tickets. I don't mind because the band really does need the support for equipment etc. Joseff has his own cornet because he had lessons in primary school. Sadly his brass tutor was uninspiring and Joe decided not to continue with lessons in high school.

However, he has straight A's and A+ in music and his music teacher wants to push him to the max, PROUD is not the word!

Janet, pictured here is the wonderful junior band leader who teaches the children. She has a gentle and kind approach which really makes the kids enthusiastic to learn and develop. Janet gave birth to her second son just last week so is on maternity leave at the moment but her dedication to the children meant that she still came to conduct at the event (even though she was visibly shattered).

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  1. Congratulations on your performance Joseff. You are now even famous in Australia~!


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