Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bleedin Ears

A simple little tidy up for my number 3 dog Snowy.

All was going really well and she was enjoying the experience. Normally I have to hand scissor her head but today she let me clip it.

Ear one done....ear two... disaster, something moved, she darted her head around then there was blood..... lots of blood.

Quickly reached for the polyroll and applied pressure. Too much blood. Quickly got my first aid kit out, applied styptic powder then a bandage.

After an hour it was starting to heal but the little monkey got the bandage off and hey presto... lots of blood.

Trip to the vet. Saw an amazing vet who was lovely and praised my actions and my dressings.

Snowy is now sporting a camo bandage with a cone of shame.

He wants to stitch it but its a tiny nick, smaller than a grain of rice so I think it will be ok to heal on its own.

Poor Snowy.

I feel so awful about it but these things happen.

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