Friday, 5 July 2013

Healing Hands

Healing Hands Animal Care.........

What do you think of that as a name?

I loved my job as a dog groomer, such a successful little business and I enjoyed the fact that I was helping scared dogs and new pups - very rewarding.

However.... almost 5 years after my first cancer and 2 years of treatment I have come to the conclusion that....

1. Mobile dog grooming is too physically demanding for me to do on a full time basis
2. As a carer to my Autistic son I need to be flexible in my work 

and with those things in mind I have decided to invest money into quite a bit of training so that I can set up an animal care business.

The idea is to be able to cater for all types of animals from fish through to horses. Care on a regular basis or care for holiday cover.

Having done my Reiki level 1 I want to go on to get my masters and also train to use crystals for healing and Shiatsu.

I can then offer holistic treatments for pets and their owners.

I want to include dog walking, vet taxi, dog grooming, behaviour, training and nutrition.

Will there be money in it for me? - doubt it

Will I be happy? - most definately

I was considering a change of career and working with disabled children as a teaching assistant but I think it would eat me up, caring for somebody without curing.

Animals have always been in my life and are such an important part of it.

My animals have got me through both of my breast cancers and my horse has most definately been my life coach and therapist on my journey of recovery.

I would be really interested in any feed back on my ideas........

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  1. I also want to offer cover to local groomers if I can too


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