Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Celebrate Life

January is always a tense month for me because its the month when I found my first breast cancer lump, the month the docs found the second and when I get all of my tests done and find out if I am clear or not.


This January 2013

I got my 4 and 1 year clear for my cancers!

It was worrying for an hour or so because they had found differences in the mammogram images so I had to have another mammogram and an ultra sound to check their findings.

A huge, massive, amazing sigh of relief when they were reported as normal and I was still in remission!

Another positive which came out of my check up was the fact that my wonderful and amazing surgeon has requested that I could change my hormonal drugs back to tamoxifen.

OK I still had back pain while on tamoxifen BUT I didn't have the small bone pain which is in my ribs, feet, fingers, hands, wrists........

So.............. fingers crossed......................

They sanction the change and I can get on with my life!!!

On this note I just want to say how thankful I am to be living in Great Britain where we are fortunate enough to have the NHS. This means that I get the treatment I need with no questions asked and no worries about medical bills.

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  1. WOO HOO!!! I know that drop stomach feeling when they want a closer look or a different look, but as you said....HUGE sigh of relief when you hear "all clear". You know I'm singing and dancing for you with happiness!! And as for changing the hormone inhibitor back to tamoxifen? Yes please...fingers crossed that they give the "okay".

    I agree...you have NHS we have OHIP here in Ontario (other provinces call the health care something different but it's the same as your NHS) and without that? I don't know how we'd ever have managed financially. Cancer and good health costs a small fortune!

    Love you! xoxox

  2. Hurray for you~!

    Thanks also for your comment about NHS. In a country where people fight the idea of socialized medicine, people tend to troll for, and publicize the worst of other countries health systems, winding their rants up w/ "Is this what you want for OUR country?" It always aggravates me. For every horror story they publish, I know for sure that we have a horrible story within our own system. I will never get over the shock of learning that I needed chemo just as my husband's company closed its doors, leaving us without insurance.

  3. Woooohoooo for you!! That's great news. Congratulations on good scans.


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