Thursday, 1 July 2010

Summer Ramblings

Life is good!

I hate the way I look at the moment... my body is not mine and my hair is not mine....

However, I am getting back into shape slowly. My energy levels are much higher than they were so that I can push myself through the pain of back ache and do all of the things I enjoy. My running is going really well as is my swimming and aqua jogging. I love riding Cola but the only down side about that is my back hurts so much when I ride.

My hair is growing slowly too. I am striving for a short, chin length bob then after that, maybe a bit longer. It will be nice to feel feminine again.

The weight is coming off slowly but I am determined to get there. I am within a healthy BMI range now which takes the pressure off me a little. My fingers and toes are still swollen and sadly, I still can't wear my wedding, engagement or eternity rings.

I am enjoying life with a passion now. I have been given a second chance and I recognise that.

Summer is coming and with that brings all sorts of changes in the lives of my sons. Joe will be finishing at primary school and moving on to High School, we are attending his last ever primary school sports day tomorrow....

Harry will be moving up to year 5.... I am wondering how he will cope with the change and the fact that Joe won't be there.... I know he is worried because he keeps asking me questions about it, seeking confirmation.

I wish Harry could remain with his existing class teacher because she has worked wonders with him this year. His self esteem has gone up and with that so to has his reading and writing. He still has a long way to go but he is coping much better with life these days.

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