Friday, 30 July 2010


Had a nice day today despite the ever constant grey skies and rain. I gave my eldest son, Joe a half hour riding lesson on Cola then I went out on a hack, Joe accompanied me on his bike. We had only been out for quarter of an hour and the heavens opened so we returned to the yard. Soaking wet through we cycled home and Joe saw a little baby fox in the hedgerow. Now we are waiting for the rain to subside so that we can turn Cola out and poo pick his paddock.

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  1. I went to your other site and saw that you had Barry's name in your pink list.

    How are you?

    Last Saturday, I went to my husband's company's function. I sat with his colleague. His wife Holly has cancer, and had many courses of chemo. I had cooked for the family, and it was good to see her in person. She just finished her last course, and she looks fine. She says the only thing she has side effect is she needs/wants to to eat very salty food.


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