Sunday, 4 July 2010

Monkeys on my Back

When I run, I seem to generate great ideas for my blog. Ideas that I would like to share with people. Yesterday I had a lovely run. The wind was blowing and although it was hot it was a great temperature for running. While I was out I listened to my MP3 of all the songs which have got me through my life.

I realised that all of my life I have had "Monkeys on my Back". These monkeys aren't good, they are not nice, they hung onto me for all their worth but I shook them off. The monkeys come in all shapes and forms and their names are;

Low Self Esteem

The only monkey I have been able to get rid of completely is Infertility! Yes, I got rid of you because I have my two wonderful sons who I had to fight hard for and wait many years for.

The other monkeys have been shaken off but they are always there in the shadows, lurking with evil intent, waiting for a chink of weakness to appear in my soul, waiting for negativity to slip into my life so that they can jump on again for the ride.
The only monkey I am desperately afraid of is Cancer because I have no control over him. If he decides to get on my back again I can only hope that physically I have the strength to kick his butt again. The other ones are relatively easy to keep at bay because as long as I stay strong they will remain in the shadows.
Do you have monkeys on your back?


  1. My monkeys:
    Ovarian cancer, syncope, infertility, health issues with my dh and currently sciatica.

    Nice reading your blog. I found you on Facebook.

  2. LOL. I just realized who you were. I think I came across your blog before.

  3. Hi Sara, been a while since I stopped by. I love your strong and encouraging words. My monkey is depression. I have dealt with it ever since I was 15. I have had a great life but it is a constant struggle. My only cancer experience was a skin cancer on my face, removed and no signs left. Out of 6 children, we have 2 daughters struggling with depression. We know it is not an easy life, but worth it all. blessings

  4. I think that our monkeys make us stronger and better people


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