Sunday, 15 May 2016

It's a Bra Thing

No matter what surgeries I have had on my breasts, wearing a bra was/is painful. Not, Oh my God reach for the painkillers sort of painful but just annoyingly so.

The problem has become even more of an issue following my double mastectomy and failed reconstruction so I have opted for prosthetic free days. The problem with this is because I had failed reconstruction, I am left with holes... well... not actual holes but the surgeon described them as "dishes" and that's what they are like. This means that my tummy looks even fatter!

In desperation I decided to give Nicola Jane a go and ordered a couple of everyday TShirt bras. Well... what a difference! They are the most comfortable bras I have ever worn AND they make my prosthetics look nice. (Although I do miss the look of my F boobs).

It's come to something when I no longer shout "where's my glasses" instead I shout "where's my boobs". I'm ready for reconstruction now.

I saw the plastic surgeon in Liverpool last August. I haven't heard from them since so a quick phone call confirmed that I haven't been lost, I am still on the list!

I want to put cancer behind me and I can't do that with the hideous deformity I have been left with. The amputation scars are brutal and horrid.

I know that I will never have proper boobs again, they will never look normal but they will be a lot more normal than the battle ground I have been left with.

The plan is to have tattoo designs across my chest. Why would I go for a 3D nipple tattoo because that would be me pretending that these boobs are real and are what I was meant to be. I want to have something pretty to hide the inevitable scars and signify my journey and the strength life has given me.

If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment.

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  1. I love that you are tackling this topic with your usual fight and sense of humor... Let us know what you decide on!


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