Sunday, 15 November 2015


This week the world has experienced such losses.

The Paris massacre which took place on Friday evening was too shocking for words. The utter devastation carried out in the name of what? Senseless killing by terrorists. This massacre has taught me the true meaning of terrorism and terrorists..... terror.

A little more close to home I was a sad witness to the death of a horse on our yard. N and her horse Boady hadn't been with us for long but they settled in quickly and fitted in so well.

Colic is a dreadful thing for horses and ultimately that's what killed the poor boy. Twisted gut.... there was no choice. He was 16 with arthritis and so surgery wasn't an option.

Last night I lost my dwarf hamster Ragnar Lothbruk. I was cleaning out his house and unbeknown to me he fell into the dishwater and drowned.

Death is always sad. Loss is hard to come to terms with.

My thoughts and prayers are with souls who have suffered such losses.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my Sugar Baby (chihuahua )She was the sweetest, and also the biggest spit fire on four legs! I miss her so. She made my bad days of Fibromyalgia a little easier to deal with. Tamela


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