Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Poem of Thanks to the NHS Staff

I got cancer in 2009
It was then I decided
To beat the swine!
I had it again in 2012
To my inner strength
I had to delve.
My care was at Wrexhams Shooting Star
The staff and doctors
Were the best by far.
Sister Wenna took special care of me
My veins were small
But so gentle she would be.
Smiling, encouraging, cheerful and nice
Always on hand with care
And advice.
5 and 2 the years I am clear
The NHS helped me fight cancer
Without fear
Amazing and selfless
Loyal and true
NHS staff
I am indebted to you!

My first cancer operation scar, I had a huge heamatoma so the scar is quite thick

When my hair was growing back I looked like a kiwi fruit

Cancer doesnt always make you thin, it makes you fat because of all the steroids and poisen pumped into yout body

fat and bald wasnt a great look

my oncologist said that I had a nice shaped head so I was lucky

I couldnt stop touching my head when my hair was growing back, you could actually feel the follicles bursting through

My veins took a battering and became hard and painful - approx 40 - 50 IVs over 2 years some only a couple of weeks apart

Almost there with the hair

This always helped more than anyone will ever know

A regular thing

The biopsy

First op scar

1st op under arm scar where they take the sample lymph nodes, I still have no feeling there

After a biopsy for my 2nd cancer

Op site after my 2nd cancer. The blue is the dye they inject into your nipple so that they can use a tracer to get the right sample lymph nodes. Without this I would have had to have the whole lot removed with devastating consequences

My Oophorectomy scar. Elected operation to remove my ovaries which made 80% of the hormones which fed both of my cancers. Its changed my life but I don't regret it.

This is what I have due to many riding accidents in my youth but the chemo and cancer drugs attack the bones and any weaknesses in them

Is what I feel every day of my life

Is how I feel every single day when I wake up and I am alive

Me now 5 years on

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  1. Lovely to hear you are two years cancer free. You are strong. You are beautiful. May you have years and years of good health and deep joy. Gingerv


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