Monday, 23 June 2014

Good Things are All Around Us

So..... following on from yesterdays post which really was a "re" starting point for me let me tell you about the positives of live with / after cancer...

What the experience teaches you is what exactly IS important in life. Why rush around and get stressed when you can get to your destination calmly and happily for a fraction longer.

It teaches you to appreciate the little things in life.... the beautiful butterfly which visited your garden today, the joyful greeting off your horse, the unconditional love from your dog, the sound of the wind in the trees, the sun on your bare skin.... the list is endless.

Life isn't easy for anybody no matter how smooth their journey through it may seem.

Everyone has their own cross to bear, some crosses are light and others are heavy, it doesn't matter really - its THEIR cross and THEIR life.

Certainly I do appreciate things on a deeper level these days. I like nothing better than to stop my racing mind and concentrate on the here and now. I challenge you to do this.... stop what you are doing... take a deep breath and as you exhale concentrate on the breath and how you feel, dismiss any other thoughts and listen to whats happening in this particular moment. I know that when I do this, the colours seem more vibrant and I feel more alive.

I take things at a slower pace these days too and although I do get angry and frustrated I have learnt my limits and how to cope.

I am kinder to myself.

Are you kind to yourself?
Do you put unnecessary pressures on yourself?
Do you expect too much of yourself?

Well DONT!!!

You as a human being are unique and amazing. 

Do you know what happened to my body when it detected a cancer mass forming? My body sent out a substance and calcified the cancer lump. In doing so, it encrusted the mass in a shell which stopped it from spreading. I swear to this day that given its size and grade my body actually saved me. How amazing is that!!!

So today, all I ask of you is to;

1. Be kind to yourself


2. Try every day for a moment to actually LIVE in the moment

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