Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pathways and Destiny

I believe in opening your mind and heart. 

When you do that everything seems to slot into place.

I have crossed a bridge in my life.

I feel as though my life has been a puzzle and while I have been trying desperately to put the pieces together, stressing and worrying about them, the minute I sat down and had a break, I could see the picture as a whole and now the pieces are slotting together with ease....

I have discovered meditation and breathing through yoga and pilates exercises. This has led to less tension through my body and an openness to see my actions as positives and negatives.

I have learnt how to challenge negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with good.

I am learning how to become a better person more in tune with nature.

I am learning how to accept life for what it is but still hold onto my dreams.

I am learning reiki and planning other holistic courses and I feel as though I have been led down this pathway for a greater purpose.

I dont know what that purpose is and its not my place to question.

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