Monday, 23 April 2012

Introducing Snowy

Well, I am not introducing you to the Snowy owned by the legondary Tin Tin...... However I must admit, the Snowy I AM introducing is named after that dog although she is a she and not a he.

She was born on 6th December 2011 in Bradford. Her mum is called Olga and her dad is called Demon. She came to live with us when she was 12 weeks old. Are you ready?.................

This picture was taken shortly after she came to live with us.

She is a white Miniature Schnauzer!

The Kennel Club has only recognised the white minis for two years and so they are very rare. Snowy caused quite a bit of excitement at the vets because nobody had seen one in the flesh before.

Pickles keeps her distance and growls at her alot, she doesnt dislike her, she is just flexing her muscles and showing her that she is the Alpha female in this pack.

Wilbur has made friends with her and they play continuously all day long. Digging holes, chewing sticks, playing chase - its amazing to watch!

and this picture was taken of her yesterday. Don't you just love those ears, she is totally just like Tin Tins little dog.

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