Thursday, 13 October 2011

Victory Station

Those of you who know me well will know how gutted I was when Killing for Company announced their cessation..... It was dreadful, I felt totally bereft despite the "good news" Greg kept promising.

Well the "family" were patient... very patient and right at the point where we were starting to lose hope, the new band was announced as VICTORY STATION with an album to follow shortly.

The news was like a beacon in my heart and at now there is something to look forward to again..... a new album....... gigs and meeting up with friends!

Of course I do have other bands I am planning to see, funds allowing.... Mike Peters being one of them. He is playing in my home town of Wrexham on the Thursday night and then in Manchester on Friday. I can't afford to do both so have opted for the Manchester option mainly because my best mate M is going and it will be great to meet up with him and enjoy a good gig together..... its been too long since the Ultimate Eagles!!!

Mike Peters is such an amazing musician and I totally love his acoustic tours. I missed his electric tour earlier in the year because it co-incided with the death of my lovely Auntie Heather but this one I am sure will more than make up.

In December I want to get a day ticket to Hard Rock Hell to meet up with M again so that I can see Tyketto live - what a gig to look forward too! It will be my birthday present to myself lol.....

So guys..... the future is bright...... the future is VICTORY STATION!

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  1. Lovely post Sara... I hope you enjoy the gig on Friday ..tomorrow .. I was thinking today when I was in Chester we should meet for a coffee sometime when I am over that way xx


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