Friday, 4 June 2010

Plans to Build on Our School

I was totally appalled at news in our local papers at plans to sell off land at our local high school in order to build luxury housing. I have set up a page on Facebook Opposing the selling off of the land and have written to our councellor to support his objections.

Wrexham council is in debt and they stand to gain £2.5 million by selling off the land. However a report last year revealed that the village of Rossett has a short fall of 5.4 hectres of recreational land.

Our doctors surgery is struggling to cope with the residents it has. There are no facilities for children on the Lavister side of the village and the sewage system cannot cope. They are already shipping sewage out of the village because the system just can't cope.

There have been a number of houses popping up in peoples back gardens. Funnily enough they are all luxury houses which attract non local people who contribute nothing to our community. We are situated right on the border of Wales and so Rossett attracts English into our community who then benefit from cheaper rates and free prescriptions but are still close enough to England to still consider themselves as living there.

The best part is that any money raised would not benefit our community, it would be spent elsewhere in the town. I for one am sick of this raping of our village and I will oppose this plan with all I can.

My sons are due to start at Darland High School and they will be affected by the selling off of the tennis court land and the access into the school.

Whatever next.

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