Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ghost Hunt, Trumpet & Hart - Gobowen

What a busy weekend we have had. The sun was scorching down on us yesterday so we ended up somewhere around Chirk with the children playing in the Glyn Ceiriog river. They had so much fun but then again, children do with water. No accidents, just a few splashes and slips but no broken bones or cut skin.

I was so hot in the sun I waded across the river to sit on the other side which was the only shade available on the river bank. However, within a few hours it was back to being cloudy and chilly again so we returned to Llanarmon to pitch our tent.
Llinos and I joined our group "Abnormal Paranormal" in the Trumpet and Hart pub in Gobowen which has a bit of a reputation in the locality. The landlord is about to give up his lease in a couple of weeks time so he was more than happy to allow us to conduct an investigation.

The pub is located next to the train station and this is the view from one of the upper windows.
It was a large group which isn't always good but we did manage to pick up some energies although very strange. One of our group had to leave the premises because of the feelings of sickness she had and I must admit when I was in the cellar I felt sick and as though the ground was moving. The upper rooms were unbearably hot with temperatures evening out once we had made a connection.
An interesting night, not the best ghost hunt we have been on but I am still looking forward to the next one which is at a secret location!


  1. That sounds exciting..If you are into the paranormal boy do I have a story for you that has been with me since I was 14 years olds...It's one I will never forget as long as I live...Maybe I should email you the events that occured that night...

    You look absolutely wonderful!!

    Alli XX

  2. Alli, please do email me your story I would be so interested to hear it xxx


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