Sunday, 25 April 2010

This is all new

I am trying out a new blog....

I haven't quite finished with BUT I am begining to move away from it. The reason for this is... I am begining to see CANCER as a thing of the past. Yes, it happened to me but I kicked its butt and now that part of my life is over.

I just want to move away from cancer now. Life is for living and I don't want to be defined or pinned down by my past.

I am having a few teething problems setting up this blog because I have forgotten how to add my facebook link etc so once I have managed to sort this out and have the blog looking how I want it to look.... the transition will be complete!


  1. Love that you are ready to move forward and recreate the new life that awaits you post cancer!! ♥

  2. Leave it behind you. Let go of the "being a patient with cancer" part and embrace the "getting on with the rest of my life." part....
    And there will many years ahead.
    I'm 26 years away from Breast cancer and life is wonderful. Survivors Rock!


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