Friday, 21 June 2013

Positive Energy

I was going to blog about trees because I have some pretty spectacular ones in my village, all shapes and sizes with a story to tell but instead I am going to talk about something which is close to my heart, inspired by something a friend posted on facebook today........



I live by this code or at least I TRY my best too. When something "bad" happens to me I try not to sit there and cry or wallow in it, I try to see the good in what has happened and grow from the experience.

True.... it's really hard to find the good in some things but trust me, if you look hard enough and if you are patient you will find some!

In this cruel world, things happen which are beyond our control..... You have to ask yourself on a scale from 1 to 10  what is the absolute WORST thing that could happen to you. You then have to "grade" that bad thing with that matter in mind and then you can see that its truly not so bad after all.

I count my blessings.

As I live and breath and experience beautiful things I give thanks.

Sometimes its a Robin come to visit....

Or it could be a baby rabbit hopping across my path......

Or like yesterday, the fact that the farms dog chose to come along and share the ride out with me and my pony.......

Good things in life don't need to be bought with money, they are all around you! Everywhere and free to enjoy.

Wear a smile on your face - it makes you prettier, more handsome and more attractive.

Think happy thoughts.

If you have a bad thought try to challenge it!

The best weapon you can have in life is a postive mental attitude.

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  1. That is so true Sara. You know how hard some days can be for me, but every time I feel sorry for myself or get a negative thought, I think of all the people who are worse off than me. I count my blessings, my two wonderful boys, how settled and happy they are, my lovely hubby who is working hard to build up his business but enjoying doing it, my lovely Jess, who is my absolute saviour on many occasions, and I turn that thought into a positive one! Since my operation I have had some really awful days, some terrible nights (the most recent one being last three nights ago when I snook off to the bathroom, had a cry, then got back into bed and finally fell asleep at 4 a.m.) but I know that things can only get better! I love to read your blogs, they are always so uplifting. Thank you Sara for just being you. love you lots Sharon M xxxx


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